U2 led the way with their soaring anthem "Beautiful Day."

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... (Complete Official Music Video) by chanaknamaydimples. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. Loading... Save.

Every single Rock and Alternative hit from the 2000's!

Nonetheless, I prefer 2000s alternative rock because of the well-thought out lyrics in the songs, the unique sounds of the different bands, … Like many American alternative rock bands, during the late 1990s and early 2000s, several British indie bands emerged, including Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines and Bloc Party, that drew primary inspiration from new wave and post-punk groups such as Joy Division, Wire, and Gang of Four, establishing the post-punk revival movement.


Coldplay's "Yellow," awash in soft-focus romance and dreamy splendor, also served as a welcome break from the Korns and Limp Bizkits of the world. 29th July 2014. 29,192 views. Home Page. Alternative Hits of the 2000s. Follow Playlist. Robin Little / Getty Images.

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JakeTheDJ. 0 . THE 2000S WAS a landmark decade for indie music, producing acts that are still huge today – Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to name but a few. How to edit pages? Playlists. The Best Alternative Rock Albums of 2000. Ultimate 2000's Hits Rock & Alternative Music.

at the Disco, Yellowcard.

Sure, I may have grown up with 2000s rock music, but I still do not ignore great classic bands like Pearl Jam and Third Eye Blind. In this instance, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music. on 30 Jan, 2016.

The 2000s were a very weird time in music. How many have you listened to? type to search. Anthony Carew is a music … Music . 1. The Top Ten.

Latest Playlists - 634 Tracks, 38 hours, 33 minutes A metal band defined by the juxtaposition of chugging guitars and a heavenly female voice, the Amy Lee-led Evanescence were a leading light in rock music during the mid-2000… Rock Music Top Picks Top Artists Holiday Music Pop Music Alternative Music Classical Music Country Music Folk Music Rap & Hip Hop Rhythm & Blues World Music Punk Music Heavy Metal Jazz Latin Music Oldies Learn More. Latest Playlists. ... and alt-rock into their later releases, Brand New was just a pop-punk band from Long Island.
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Weezer, Bowling for Soup, Panic!

Coldplay's "Yellow," awash in soft-focus romance and dreamy splendor, also served as a welcome break from the Korns and Limp Bizkits of the world.

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Playlist for alternative rock songs in the 2000s, most popular and underrated songs. Well, now we're putting them on MTV anyway. ?


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U2 led the way with their soaring anthem "Beautiful Day." 46 Quality Indie Bands Of The 2000s You Completely Forgot About.

By JakeTheDJ. Contact Site Manager. The 2000s were mere months old when Japanese 'girl group' Hoahio delivered an album that, in many ways, foresaw the decade coming. Listen on demand and play the songs using no wifi internet with a subscription.

Below, you'll find hands down the most comprehensive list of emo bands (and the songs they're known for) we could possibly muster. All The Small Things — Blink-182 2. List of Alternative Bands This list is incomplete. Rock. 5.

Linkin Park (New Metal/Alternative Metal) Avenged Sevenfold (Metalcore/Heavy Metal) Green Day (Punk Rock/Pop Punk) Snow Patrol (Alternative Rock/Power Pop) Korn (Nu Metal/Alternative Metal) Nickelback (Post Grunge/Alternative Rock) Slipknot (Heavy Metal/Groove Metal/Alternative Metal) Fall Out Boy (Pop Punk/Pop Rock) playlists. A collection of my favorite alternative rock songs from 2000 to today.

Rock. Emily Barker.

Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 2000s.

10 Years 10 Years are an American rock band, formed in … Share on Twitter. Green Day 3.

Lit - My Own Worst Enemy (Official Music Video) by Lit.

View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. avg. Vote. The 2000s were a very weird time in music. But 2000 also witnessed a new sense of optimism seeping into rock music.

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