The African Armoured Ground Cricket (Acanthoplus discoidalis) is an insect belonging to the subfamily Hetrodinae – armoured ground crickets – in the family Tettigoniidae – bush crickets or katydids.It is an insect. The African Armoured Cricket is a large 5cm bodied cricket with small sharp spikes on the thorax and legs. They … Like something from a horror movie, the African Armoured Ground Cricket has some strange defense mechanisms in which it protects itself with. The African Armoured Ground Cricket is sandy-brown to camouflage with the earth.

African Armoured Cricket Acanthoplus discoidalis. This cricket is deemed the warrior of all crickets, with an armoured exoskeleton containing 5 rows of spine that shield the back of its abdomen, as well as spikes on the front of its pronotum. This is because the species are pests in Southern Africa and can cause decreases in yield of up to 40% in these crops in some years. Conservation The Armoured Ground Cricket's population is possibly under threat. The Bradyporinae are a subfamily in the family Tettigoniidae (bush crickets or katydids), based on the type genus Bradyporus.First described as a family, "Bradyporidae" (Burmeister, H., 1838), the first use as Bradyporinae was by Brunner von Wattenwyl in 1878.. Genera in this subfamily are mostly distributed in Europe, North Africa, through to temperate/subtropical Asia.

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