This cricket is deemed the warrior of all crickets, with an armoured exoskeleton containing 5 rows of spine that shield the back of its abdomen, as well as spikes on the front of its pronotum. The Bradyporinae are a subfamily in the family Tettigoniidae (bush crickets or katydids), based on the type genus Bradyporus.First described as a family, "Bradyporidae" (Burmeister, H., 1838), the first use as Bradyporinae was by Brunner von Wattenwyl in 1878.. Genera in this subfamily are mostly distributed in Europe, North Africa, through to temperate/subtropical Asia.

Conservation The Armoured Ground Cricket's population is possibly under threat. The African Armoured Cricket is a large 5cm bodied cricket with small sharp spikes on the thorax and legs. The African Armoured Ground Cricket (Acanthoplus discoidalis) is an insect belonging to the subfamily Hetrodinae – armoured ground crickets – in the family Tettigoniidae – bush crickets or katydids.It is an insect. Like something from a horror movie, the African Armoured Ground Cricket has some strange defense mechanisms in which it protects itself with.

The African Armoured Ground Cricket is sandy-brown to camouflage with the earth. They … African Armoured Cricket Acanthoplus discoidalis. This is because the species are pests in Southern Africa and can cause decreases in yield of up to 40% in these crops in some years.

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