After the Georgian-Russian war in 2008, Moscow recognized the region as an independent state. Many in the West were surprised by the outbreak of war between Georgia and Russia.

Some of the Georgian refugees returned to their homes in the Gali district of Abkhazia. It is expected that it will take Georgia another 30 years to provide all 273,411 IDPs from Abkhazia and South Ossetia with housing. Abkhazia had deployed 1,500 troops during the war, fighting against an estimated 400 Georgia guerillas. Georgia responded by declaring Abkhazia "occupied" by Russia. Russia - Georgia War News, Photos & Video from Georgian conflict regions: South Ossetia and Upper Abkhazia (Kodori gorge).

I belive that politic is for politicians, people are more important!


But there were plenty of signs that the conflict was approaching.

I. Before the war in Abkhazia started, about 45% of the inhabitants were Georgians, and about 17% were Abkhazians.

Abkhazia troops made later attacks against the separatist starting the War in Abkhazia.

Support: Reload. It was only in 2008, after the Georgian-Russian war, that Russia recognized it as a country and decided to back them up economically, in exchange for military presence, among other things I believe. I hope this blog becomes a friendship site between Russia-Georgia very soon! SPIEGEL reconstructs the road to violence. The Georgia guerillas were mainly composed of paramilitary personnel known as the “White Legion,” led by Gujar Kurashvili, Dato Shengelia, and Zurab Samushia. GEORGIA/ABKHAZIA: VIOLATIONS OF THE LAWS OF WAR AND RUSSIA'S ROLE IN THE CONFLICT.

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