Silver Pepper. Melanistic. Found in a limited area of Queensland, Australia around the coastal town of Cairns, their territory stretches north towards the Daintree river, south towards Ingham and inland from the coast towards the Atherton Tablelands. Morelia spilota cheynei has the smallest range of the Morelia spilota complex. Jungle carpet python morphs- Morelia spilota cheynei. Areale di distribuzione di Morelia spilota cheynei.

Morelia spilota cheynei - Jungle Carpet Python Jungle Carpet Pythons are probably the most popular Carpet Pythons.

Centralian python morphs- Morelia bredli. Morelia spilota cheynei — FRANZ 2003 Morelia spilota cheynei — MENSE 2006 Morelia spilota cheynei — MATTISON 2007: 210 Morelia cheynei — GREER 2006 (online) Morelia spilota cheynei — ALCINI 2009 Morelia spilota cheynei — MENSE 2010 Morelia spilota cheynei — MENSE 2016 Morelia spilota harrisoni HOSER 2000 Morelia harrisoni HOSER 2000 Darwin carpet python morphs-Morelia spilota variegata. Morfologia e comportamento Morelia spilota cheynei è un serpente semiarboricolo dalla corporatura robusta ma agile e affusolata tipica del genere Morelia. Morelia spilota cheynei abita le foreste subtropicali del nord-est australiano, in una piccola porzione dello stato del Queensland. Their main habitat are the beautiful rain forests in north-eastern Queensland, roughly between Cairns and Townsville, but they also can be found in mangrove forests or even dunes, especially near to the rivers in the region. Photo by Darrian Whitacker. Inland carpet python morphs- Morelia spilota metcalfei. Photo by The snake ranch.

Morelia spilota cheynei, auf Deutsch auch Dschungel oder Regenwald Teppichpython genannt, gehört zu den schönsten Tepichpythons.Die Farbe und Zeichnung der Tiere ist sehr variabel und sehr kontrastreich.

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