prohibits the sale of any wild animal which is designated as a prohibited or conditional species, reptile of concern, or venomous reptiles in the State of Florida, regardless of the origin of the sale or location of the initial transaction. Plestiodon reynoldsi (STEJNEGER 1910), Florida Sand Skink. Florida designated the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) as the official state saltwater reptile in 2008 (Florida also recognizes the dolphin as the state saltwater mammal, and the manatee as the official state marine mammal, as well as two state fish and two other state reptile symbols; the gopher tortoise and the American alligator). Florida State University has been officially designated as a preeminent research university in the state by the Florida Legislature as a result of having met a set of rigorous benchmarks.

Official state saltwater reptile. Delaware State Reptile Delaware State Reptile; Diamondback Terrapin (common name) Malaclemys terrapin (scientific name) Overview. Sceloporus woodi (STEJNEGER 1918), Florida Scrub Lizard.



The diamondback terrapin, formerly valued for its meat, lives in brackish coastal waters from Cape Cod south to Florida and west to Texas, but in many areas its numbers are low. Taxonomic Hierarchy: Loggerhead Turtle The following are official state symbols of the U.S. state of Florida, as defined by state statutes.The majority of the symbols were chosen after 1950; only the two oldest symbols—the state flower (chosen in 1909), and the state bird (chosen in 1927), and the state nickname (chosen in 1970)—are not listed in the 2010 Florida Statutes.
Salvator merianae (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1839), Argentine Black & White Tegu; [NON-NATIVE] Sceloporus undulatus (BOSC & DAUDIN in SONNINI & LATREILLE 1801), Eastern Fence Lizard. Florida is located on a peninsula in the southeastern United States.

They also have the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Caretta caretta, as their saltwater reptile.
History.- s. 2, ch.

According to the Amended section 379.3761, F.S.

Range: Southeastern United States, from the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina and Virginia south to the Florida Everglades National Park and west to the eastern edge of Texas.Florida and Louisiana presently have the most alligators, with 1 to 1.5 million in Florida and 1.5 to 2 million in Louisiana. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the only national lab in Florida, holds the most world records for the most powerful magnets on Earth. Question: What is the state reptile of Florida?

It is the American Alligator, Alligator mississippiensis, that is the state reptile of Florida. 15.0386 Official state saltwater reptile.- (1) The Loggerhead Turtle is designated as the official Florida state saltwater reptile.

Scincella lateralis (SAY in JAMES 1823), Gound Skink (2) This section is repealed July 1, 2018, unless reviewed and reenacted by the Legislature before that date.

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