But shed hunting can be a fun springtime pursuit – and you can easily do it in a way that doesn’t bother wildlife. fallow deer antlers. GREAT FOR INDOORS – Our fallow deer antlers are odor free and will not rot or smell like other natural chews and is more appealing than synthetic chews. Any size antlers make for a unique trophy.
Antlers cast April / May; Antlers velvet in Aug; Rut Oct – Nov; Young born June / July (This info and a more in our interactive lessons) South African Fallow Deer Antlers or fallow deer horns (Dama Dama) are measured from the base of the horn using a straight ruler to the highest point of the horn. Handcrafted in the USA, this antler sconce is made from fallow deer antlers, a breed of deer that originated in Eurasia but has now been introduced worldwide. Fallow Deer Distribution. The most common fallow deer antlers material is glass. It is easy to see the Fallow Deer as they tend to feed out in the open grassy areas. They are the only Old World deer with flat antlers. They tend to only live in areas where there is plenty of food in the summer and a decent chance of finding it in the winter months. BIG Fallow Deer Antlers Rack Horns Sheds Taxidermy Skull Mount Set. You guessed it: brown.

Perfect indoor chew for dogs – be sure your chair legs and other furniture will stay unmolested. These African fallow deer antlers will vary in size and shape. A trophy will have antlers between 28 to 38 inches. Condition great shape About 22!points and 21in from base of shed to tip of rack and positioned in mounting position would be about a … Introduced from Europe, they have spread through much of New Zealand and are now well established…and we have some of the biggest bucks in country ! Outside of mating season, called the rut, males will group off and form their own smaller herd. Fallow deer are descendents of the Megacerines, a diverse deer lineage that was widespread and abundant early in the Ice Ages. A fallow deer's first antlers are spikes measuring somewhere between 1 to 20 cm in length. this is a very good example of a wild fallow deer skull with antlers. A good set of Fallow antlers will measure at least 28 inches in length with an inside span of 24 inches or more and have upwards of 20 points. Typical fallow coat has spots all year round (although coats can vary greatly in fallow), no spots on red deer. They tend to only live in areas where there is plenty of food in the summer and a decent chance of finding it in the winter months. The most popular color? Fallow deer, therefore, start shed their antlers in April and May. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - fallow deer listings. Large, branched antlers in red, not palmate (broad and flattened) as in fallow deer. Fallow deer live in herds of 10 – 50.

Yesterday’s blog explored the enthusiasm some of us have for finding shed antlers – and how that enthusiasm can turn into an obsession that threatens wintering mule deer and elk..

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