Here’s the original “banjo in the clouds” book cover. The Gold Tone CB-100 Clawhammer is an excellent clawhammer style beginner banjo that we carry in-stock. The book is also available on Amazon. In the 1830s white musicians such as Joel W. Sweeney started learning the banjo from African-American slaves. Famous musicians who have used the clawhammer style of banjo playing include Neil Young, Doc Watson, and Ricky Scaggs.

Clawhammer technique is sometimes called a down-picking approach to banjo playing because the right-hand fingers strike the strings in a downward motion. Instead, Ken Perlman wrote a book on which the dvd is based with the same title ("Clawhammer Style Banjo"). 1 & 2 by Ken Perlman DVD $39.95 Only 11 left in stock (more on the way). Clawhammer is the older of these two ways of playing the banjo, with historical roots that can be traced back several centuries to the African ancestry of the banjo.

Once in America, the banjo became the instrument most associated with African-Americans.

Clawhammer banjo is most closely associated with ‘old-time' tunes and traditional American music, although the style can be applied equally to contemporary genres and songs. They brought both the banjo itself and the way to play it from West Africa. Ships from and sold by Clawhammer Style Banjo was originally published by Prentice-Hall, a conventional book company who had no idea how to market it. Clawhammer Style Banjo: A Complete Guide For Beginning and Advanced Banjo Players, Vol. Clawhammer, or old-time banjo, is an older style that has its roots in West Africa. The first Americans to play clawhammer banjo (or any banjo style for that matter) were black slaves. It didn’t begin to circulate in any quantity until Prentice-Hall went out of business, and the book was picked up by Centerstream/Hal Leonard. It is typically played on open-back banjos , which emphasize its mellow tone and are … In the 1830s white musicians such as Joel W. Sweeney started learning the banjo …

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