Believe or not, some cats even look like they have moustaches. The white spotting gene causes variable white markings. Some genes are simplified and it does not give percentage changes, but it should be easy to use even if you know very little about genetics. The ground color can range from a gray-tawny tone to a vivid orange-gold. CAT IDENTIFICATION. HOME.
The traditional brown colored Bengals have green or gold eyes. The RAL colour chart, or the “RAL colours”, is a specialized chart created by the RAL colour Institute to display different colours of paint, powder, varnish, plastics, etc. CONTACT. Black (pictured) or Blue with white roots. To determine the color of a shaded or smoke cat consider only the color of the tipping: Chinchilla or Shaded Silver = Black Shaded or Shell Cameo = Red Shaded or Shell Tortoiseshell = Tortoiseshell Chinchilla or Shaded Golden = Black Blue Smoke = Blue Black Smoke = Black Pointed cats have a special “Siamese” gene that limits the color to certain areas. Cat Coat Colours And Patterns One of the wonderful things about cats is the vast range of coat colours and patterns that makes each cat unique.

Generally speaking, a cat with one copy of the white spotting gene will be anywhere from 0% to 50% white while a cat with two copies of the gene will be anywhere from 50% to 100% white as shown on the chart. Solid Color Breeding Chart Related Links: Pointed Color Chart. To determine the color of a shaded or smoke cat consider only the color of the tipping: Chinchilla or Shaded Silver = Black Shaded or Shell Cameo = Red Shaded or Shell Tortoiseshell = Tortoiseshell Chinchilla or Shaded Golden = Black Blue Smoke = Blue Black Smoke = Black Persian Cat Color Calculator Index. The colors are used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety. When choosing what type of cat you want, it is exciting to learn about all the different types of coats and colours they come in. Carries Chocolate. The brown Bengal cat (C,C color genes) is the most popular of the Bengal cat colors and it was also the first to be recognized by TICA in 1983. More.

RAL colors are used for information defining standard colors for varnish, powder coating and plastics. I've depicted this on a black cat, but any colour or pattern can have white markings. Use our cat poo colour chart to learn how the shade of your cat’s poo reflects what’s happening inside their body. Cat poo colour chart While a regular poo is brown, other colours of poo can be a cause for concern and necessitate a checkup at the vet. Different genes mean different levels of melanin, the amino acid that controls pigment in the eyes, skin and fur. Solid Color Breeding Chart Related Links: Pointed Color Chart. Some breeds are based a particular colour or pattern while others exclude certain colours. Carries … How cats get their eye color. Burmese Colour Mating Chart. Some cat eye colors are linked to coat colors or patterns. This is my original calculator.

Like any other animal, a cat's eye color is determined by genetics. The body is warmer, and stays a lighter color. Tabby Coat Markings. What about pointed cats, like the Siamese? Carries Blue. GENETICS. Understanding the Basic Genetics of Cat Colors A presentation of The Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. By Karen Lawrence ©2008. For example, white cats can have blue, yellow, gold or odd eyes. It is the most popular Central European color standard used today. cat coat calculator (original ver.) Eye Coloration. CAT COLOURS AND PATTERNS - PLAIN ENGLISH VERSION. Not sure what colours to expect from your litter? Burmese Colour Mating chart . A. sparrow's garden. Colour mating chart for Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac Burmese showing percentages of colours which might be expected over a number of litters. Where the color appears is the coolest part of the cat, that is the head, paws and tail. ART. This is a layperson's list and includes formal terms used by registries in different countries, plus descriptive terms used by non-breeders as well as archaic terms that you may find in historical cat books (many of which are now online). If you add the dilute chart to the sex linked chart, the possible kittens from these two cats are: black, blue, tortie & blue-cream. Use this colour mating chart to determine the likely outcomes. cat coat color chart. Solid Coat Colors. Sire. Refer to the cat color chart above to see all the possibilities. Brown Hazel Gold Green Blue. Bi-Color to Bi-Color Color Calculator; Bi-Color to Bi-Color Van Color … A colorpointed cat has dark colors on the face, ears, feet, and tail, with a lighter version of the same color on the rest of the body, and possibly some white. To determine what color your Persian kitten will be, use the Color Calculator by choosing the color of the Father mated to the color of the Mother in the Index below (shown in alphabetical order).

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