The original colours were seal and blue. She was 12 weeks old on 20th May 2019. This page features Siamese and Balinese cat photographs that show what the cat’ color points look like as they grow into adult hood. Overall Best in Show Birman Cat Club Show 2019 Ch & Imp Gr Pr Sucette Wishy Washy Blue Tortie Point Neuter: Birmans are born white and generally by the time they are ready to go to their new homes the colour on their points is a paler tone of what will be the mature colour.

The markings can be pure seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac or cream. Tortie Tabby Point Birmans. In order to comply with breed standards, the Birman's body should be of an eggshell colour or golden, depending on the intensity of the markings colour. Like calicos, tortoiseshell cats are almost exclusively female.

IcingSugar's Frodo Baggins, she inherited from her mather a soft coat and her sweet look, she has inherited from her father the glance and consistence of coat. The Birman has a silky, medium-length coat in the pointed pattern of the Siamese (meaning that the color is darker on the face, ears, legs and tail), a broad, rounded head topped with medium-size ears, bright blue eyes that give him a sweet expression, and four white feet that give him the appearance of wearing little white mittens.

About Us. With the passing of time other colours, for example red and cream were included in the breeding,making it possible to breed torties. Tortie cats can be seal, chocolate, blue or lilac. S olid colours (n ot tabbies): Her sire is our stud Kucinta Prince Artemis (winner ‘Supreme Birman’ at the 2017 Brisbane Birman show) and her dam is our queen Feanor Caerita.

The coat pattern of the Birman resembles that of a Siamese, with the colour being on the face, ears, legs and tail (the points) with a contrasting lighter body colour. Tortie point, tortie mitted, tortie bicolour, tortie tabby/lynx (Torbie). The markings can be pure seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac or cream. The club is affiliated with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association of Australia, which is a member of the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia.

Though they are naturally born white just like any other colorpoint cats, their color develop as they age. We have a seal point Birman for sale, while others are blue point. Blue Tortie Tabby Point; Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point; Lilac Tortie Tabby Point; Temperament. : A Birman with white spots should not be employed for reproduction because it is a fault that will be transmitted to the offspring. The reincarnation of souls and a deep love for priests is the basis for the legend of the Sacred Cats of Burma. Birmans have sapphire coloured eyes. Blue Tortie Tabby Point; Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point; Lilac Tortie Tabby Point; Temperament. It comes in one pattern: pointed, in seal and chocolate brown, blue-gray, light gray, red, cream or with tortoiseshell-colored markings on … Breeding Beautiful Birman Kittens, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. Also called torties for short, tortoiseshell cats combine two colors other than white, either closely mixed or in larger patches. Tortie Tabby Point Birmans.

These days it is commonplace to come across lynx (tabby) birmans.

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