Its eyes are located far forward and low on its head.

There are 4 species of Asian carp that threaten the Great Lakes. Description Top of page.

Read about all 4 by clicking the links below, and also find out about the Common carp, a non-native fish that can already be … The head is longer than the body is high.

The mouth slants upwards and the lower jaw extends slightly over upper jaw. Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) and silver carp (H. molitrix), collectively called bigheaded carps, are cyprinids native mainly to China and have been intro-duced to over 70 countries. So you can easily start this business commercially.

They have large, scaleless head with a large mouth. The Bighead Carp fish are similar in appearance to the Silver Carp fish, with main difference in body color. It has a deep, laterally compressed body with small, cycloid scales (Jennings, 1988; NACA, 1989).There are 98-100 scales found in the lateral line, 26-28 scale rows above the lateral line, and 16-17 scale rows below the lateral line (Jennings, 1988).The snout is short and blunt. The bighead carp differs from the silver carp in its behavior (it does not leap from the water when startled) and also in its diet. Sizes; 1 kg down 700 - 1000 gm; 1 kg up 1000 -1500 gm; 1.5 kg up 1500 - 2000 gm; 2 kg up 2000 - 3000 gm; 3 kg up 3000 - 4000 gm; 4 kg up 4000 - 5000 gm; 5 kg up 5000 - 7000 gm; 7 kg up 7000 - 9000 gm; 8 kg up 8000 - … Good luck & may God bless you! Bighead Carp. Hypophthalmichthys nobilis. Description. Its head has no scales, a large mouth with no teeth, and a protruding lower jaw.

Origin: Asia. Commercial bighead carp fish farming business is very profitable and it requires less time and investment. They generally have a mottled silver-gray body color.

It has a laterally compressed (relatively flat side to side) body form.

The Louisiana State University Agricultural Research and Extension Center has a series of videos showing how to prepare the fish and deal with these bones. So you can easily start this business commercially.

Place of origin: Bighead carp is native to southern and central China but was introduced to the United States in 1973 for aquaculture use.

The Hypophthalmichthys nobilis or Bighead carp are native to Asia.

Introduction of bighead carp in some European countries (e.g., Hungary and England) was initially inadvertent; bighead carp were mixed with shipments of grass carp (Jennings, 1888).

Its eyes lie below the centre line of its body. The grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis), black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus), and silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix), following their accidental introduction into waterways in the United States, are collectively referred to as Asian carp. Origin: Asia. Aside from swimming upstream, bait movements are thought to contribute to new introductions of this species.

The bighead carp is a large, narrow fish with eyes that project downward. The bighead carp is a large, narrow fish with eyes that project downward. Subsequent introductions, however, were intentional for use in culture and/or nutrient removal ( Stott and Buckley, 1978 ; Jennings, 1988 ). It is greyish on top and cream on the underside, with grey to black blotches on its back and sides, and has small, curved scales.

The body coloration is dark gray, fading to white toward the underside, with dark blotches on the sides. Bighead CarpWhole Round IQF/IWP Bighead CarpWhole GuttedIQF/IWP Bighead Carp Back GuttedIQF/IWP . The belly keel extends forward from the vent only to the bases of the pelvic fins.


The body coloration is dark gray, fading to white toward the underside, with dark blotches on the sides.

Stopping the Spread: Never release unused bait back into a waterbody, and do not attempt to stock a new species into a waterbody. However, bighead carp captured from the wild in the United States tend to be much larger than common carp, so the intramuscular bones are also larger and less problematic. Specification. The bighead carp has a disproportionately big head and mouth. Similar to Silver Carp, but Bighead Carp tend to have a slightly wider body. Description. ORIGIN AND DOMESTICATION OF CHINESE CARPS. Its head has no scales, a large mouth with no teeth, and a protruding lower jaw.

Bighead and Silver are considered by many to be the most dangerous threat to the ecosystem.

Bighead Carp do not have barbels (the whisker-like appendages found near the corners of the mouth).

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