"The Garden of Eden. With an incredible outpouring of support from the community, we've raised US$458,501.00 this week. 4004 BC. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos 1 - 20 of 138 Works in Crowley Whump (Good Omens)Crowley Whump (Good Omens) An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Anon asks 14 notes Apr 15th, 2018 Asmodeus (Good Omens) Beelzebub (Good Omens) Gabriel (Good Omens) Michael (Good Omens) Love; Friendship; Unrequited Love; Falling In Love; Slow Burn; The slowest burn in history; Ancient History; Ancient Greece; Ancient Athens; Mythology - Freeform; graphic heterodoxy and heresy; Feels; Michael is the lead singer, Raphael is the electric guitarist, … When the archangels "form a band," or rather just take over Foreigner, Lucifer ends up as the manager. There's other gods with a better general viewpoint and stance to try to cram your character into (Abadar for one). Thank you so much! Trying to reconcile "Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. i can't believe good omens is just an office au bible fanfic with self inserts from neil and terry. We also recommend against sending challenge assignments or deleting works during this period. Log In ... Asmodeus (Good Omens) Metatron (Good Omens) Demons (Good Omens) Angels (Good Omens) Hastur (Good Omens) Ligur (Good Omens) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; "Aziraphale and (Y/N) stood on the sand, outside of the garden. Examples of Rock Me, Asmodeus include: Contents . The only time he APPEARED to do anything good on a divine level was when he helped seal away Rovagug, and even then, he did it to save his own hide, since Rovagug would have have killed him to, and he STILL demanded payment in return, plus, a good look at hell shuts and who think Asmodeus is any better then evil right up.
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Created by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett. I … Scheduled maintenance to the Archive servers may result in missing emails for the next few days. Asmodeus (Good Omens) Post-Canon; idiot plot; divine intervention; Crowley Was Not Raphael Before Falling (Good Omens) Gabriel Being an Idiot (Good Omens) Gabriel Being an Asshole (Good Omens) Gabriel Not Being An Asshole (Good Omens) (two opposing tags: battle!) Anon asks 14 notes Apr 15th, 2018 Follow/Fav A Diamond Sky Above Titanic By: Seablue Eyes The year is 1912, and one angel and one demon's lives are about to change forever as they embark on the fateful maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic - and a relationship utterly forbidden by both Heaven and Hell. and "When you worship Asmodeus, you worship your innate potential.

anyway, it's that, but reverse au, and adding someone else :eyes: ... but had to go to Hell frequently to help Asmodeus. asmodeus asmodeus good omens beelzebub beelzebub good omens good omens it'zz a dizzgrazze what he (doezzn't) wear in the throne room :/ very dizztracting. Madame Tracy (Good Omens) Asmodeus (Good Omens) Comedy; Blood and Violence; Violence; Sexual Violence; Threats of Violence; Descent into Madness; Rape/Non-con Elements; Hurt/Comfort; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Emotional/Psychological Abuse; True Love; Hurt Crowley (Good Omens) Sad Crowley (Good Omens) Insane Crowley; BAMF Aziraphale (Good Omens) Protective Aziraphale (Good Omens) Asmodeus may be the “prince of lust,” but his looks aren’t exactly tantalizing! He wonders if they have the same employee-boss relationship he and Raphael have. They jumped and turned around, hiding the tampered part in the wall. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Search Works. Crowley, who had been flipping through the thick folder that held Aziraphale's notes, paused and glanced in disbelief over his shades at Aziraphale. Aziraphale was putting the stone back in a wall where Adam and Eve left, and (Y/N) was keeping an eye out for anything... Unsavory.All of a sudden, a beam of light shone on the two entities. asmodeus asmodeus good omens beelzebub beelzebub good omens good omens it'zz a dizzgrazze what he (doezzn't) wear in the throne room :/ very dizztracting. !Aziraphale Cherubim x Asmodeus movie fanart demon aziraphale aziraphale cherubim asmodeus good omens reverse omens reverse au michale sheen 82 notes Sep 7th, 2019

Due to this, we have temporarily disabled the invitation queue and account creation. He is a monstrous creature with three heads: one like a sheep, one like a bull, and one like a man. With David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Frances McDormand, Sam Taylor Buck. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others." Inverted in Ah!
Beelzebub (Good Omens) Asmodeus (Good Omens) Hastur (Good Omens) Gabriel (Good Omens) Archangel(s) Original Characters; Warlock Dowling; Kidnapping; Protective Crowley; Hurt Aziraphale (Good Omens) Worried Crowley (Good Omens) Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Fluff; Fluff and Angst; Rebellion; Other Additional Tags to Be Added; It’s kind of implied that Crowley is asexual; Summary

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