Ancient Greek Hobbies And Pastimes. Spartan Sterling Silver Charm … Ancient athens on five drachmas a day ancient roman sports and activities ancient greek toys top cruise trends of 2020 from food sage reference hobby horses. Some of the hobbies were playing games, throwing parties, discussing politics, shopping, writing plays, acting and many more. The ancient Greeks had many different hobbies.

Ancient Egyptians, like members of nearly all civilizations, enjoyed games and hobbies. This required a high knowledge of chemistry as well as botany. They were responsible for gathering herbs and making them into various medications. Women S Pastimes In Ancient Greek By Lily Slavin On Prezi. Tops: favored toys. No, her hobbies … Egyptian children and adults played many games and took part in various activities that we still enjoy today, including listening to music, playing hockey and hunting. Hestia was the Greek goddess of hearth homes househods and hearth fire Based on her personality her hobbies were probably sewing or weaving as you would do in Ancient Greece ? Believed to be made of wood; no example of it have survived from ancient Greece. In modern times, both men and women work as druggists or chemists to make various drugs.

Ancient Greeks also enjoyed going to the theater for their entertainment. Druggists in Ancient Greece were females. It was a job that was held in high regard by the citizens of Ancient Greece.

No wooden tops survive but terra-cotta and bronze ones do. The Ancient Greeks, specifically the boys, enjoyed physical activities, such as playing hockey. The boys often played their games naked so girls could not watch them play.

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