MFK Member. The second biggest alligator gar to date was a 279-pound specimen caught in Texas back in 1951. The size of this fish is nothing to take lightly; the average weight of this creature is around 200 pounds, although the biggest recorded weight in captivity stands at more than 300 pounds. The alligator gar is among the largest species of freshwater fish found in North America. Alligator Gar are native to slow rivers, reservoirs, landlocked lakes, oxbows and brackish estuarine waters of the southeastern USA. Gars & Bowfins . Aquariums worldwide keep this large an imposing species. Further information. Alligator gar are like few other fishes that swim in our rivers, reservoirs and estuaries. By Chad Love. Ancient Fish. This is the largest of all freshwater fish found in North American. The Alligator Gar Fish is the largest species of fish in the Gar domain and is known to be among the largest of freshwater fishes in North America. Thread starter KiiNGGiiNGER; Start date Dec 30, 2013; Forums. It can grow as long as about 10 ft (3.0 m) in their length. Unfortunately, stories of alligator gar attacking people and dramatizations in popular television shows have given these gentle giants a bad rap. Thread starter MrDuckBootz; Start date Jun 16, 2016; Forums. Size: About 76 inches Habitat: River Pools Season: Summer-Fall Gallery.

1 of 3 Go to page. No, you wouldn’t want this fish as a pet. At an average size of six feet long, you’d be hard pressed to find a large enough tank to house this species!

The Alligator Gar is a type of fish that is very interesting. This alligator gar set a world record — stretching to more than eight feet in length and weighing 327 pounds. Original poster. Alligator gar tank size. The giant of the gar family, the alligator gar still attains weights in excess of 100 pounds, though such fish are not common.

The Alligator Gar is a type of fish that is very interesting. The size and toothy appearance of alligator gar both excites anglers and frightens those that play in the waters they inhabit.

Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. MFK Member. Gar in New Leaf. An alligator gar in real life. This is the largest of the Gar species, and is therefore best kept in public aquaria for it's sheer size. Feb 9, 2013 363 3 33 Marietta, Ohio.

For this reason, Alligator gar is often found near the surface of a body of water. Let us find out 20 facts about Alligator Gar fish: (1) The Alligator Gar is one of the largest freshwater fish is considered a surviving prehistoric animal. Next Last. Fish. Original poster.

The Alligator Gar can grow really big in size.

World Record Alligator Gar Pulled From Mississippi Lake Tangled in Fisherman's Net. Size. Best kept alone, or with similarly-sized, non-aggressive fishes it cannot fit into its mouth. Encyclopedia Information "I caught a gar!

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